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Approved By AICTE, New Delhi & Affiliated to JNTUK, Kakinada

Accredited by NAAC, NBA(CSE, ECE & ME)


Functions of Grievance Cell

Grievance Handling

Addressing and investigating complaints lodged by students, ensuring fair judgment and resolution. The Grievance Cell is empowered to handle matters of harassment and misconduct.

Personal Approach

Providing the option for students to approach department members personally or consult with the class in-charge to discuss their grievances.

Written Complaints

Allowing students to drop written grievances in the letterbox or suggestion box of the Grievance Cell at the Administrative Block. Grievances can also be sent via email to the designated email address.

Prompt Resolution

Attending to the cases promptly upon receiving written grievances from students, taking necessary action based on the provided documents and evidence.

Timely Solutions

Ensuring that grievances are properly resolved within a stipulated time limit specified by the Grievance Cell, providing students with timely solutions.

Reporting & Review

Formally reviewing all cases and preparing statistical reports about the number of cases received, attended to, and pending. Reporting to the higher authorities for guidance and direction on pending cases, if any.