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Approved By AICTE, New Delhi & Affiliated to JNTUK, Kakinada

Accredited by NAAC, NBA(CSE, ECE & ME)



1.    The invigilator shall report to the ACE at the Control Room at least 30 minutes before the commencement of the examination.

2.    The invigilator shall collect the answer booklets/drawing sheets, seating allotment corresponding to the allotted room/block from the ACE under acknowledgement and verify the stationary received for distribution to the students.

3.    The invigilator shall reach the allotted examination room/block, 15 minutes before the commencement of the examination and permit the entry of students to the examination hall. The invigilator shall see that the students occupy only the seats allotted for them.

4.    The Invigilator shall ensure that candidates take their seats before the commencement of examination even through the candidate shall be allowed to enter the examination hall up to half an hour from the commencement of the paper.

5.    The invigilator shall receive the question papers from the respective ACE five minutes before the commencement of examination, the answer papers shall be distributed to those candidates only, who are seated in the examination hall and are not to be placed on the vacant seat.

6.    Prior to issuing the question papers to the students, the invigilator shall mandatorily announce to the students to leave the books, papers and other reference materials etc., outside the examination hall and instruct the candidates to search desks, tables, their pockets, wallets, instrument box and hand over to the invigilator if any papers / notes/ manuscripts / books or any material. The invigilator shall inform the students that they shall not be in possession of any written material on hand/s, palm, writing pads, inner and outer covers of calculator / geometry box, hand kerchief etc., also they shall not possess mobile phone or any other electronic gadget such as memory chip etc., in the examination hall.

7.    The invigilator shall distribute the question papers to the candidates seated in the examination hall, only when the commencement bell of the examination is given. Candidates shall be allowed to leave the examination hall only after 90 minutes have elapsed after the commencement of the paper.

8.    The invigilator shall affix signature on the answer booklets of the students, at the place marked as invigilator signature, only after verifying the identity of the candidate with photo on hall ticket and College ID Card, entered the correct seat number and obtain signature of the candidates on attendance report.

9.    If any student has not brought his / her hall ticket or college id card, the matter shall be brought to the notice of the COE through the ACE.

10. If any Candidate is absent the word ABSENT shall be written in capital letters in the appropriate column of the attendance sheet, preferably in red ink, after expiry of 30 minutes from the time of commencement of the examination. A consolidated statement showing course wise, candidates present and absent be submitted in the given form. After half an hour of the commencement of the examination, the spare answer books, question papers shall be returned to the ACE / Reliever when he/she visits examination hall.

11. No candidate shall be allowed to go out for toilet. The invigilators are expected to take rounds in the hall and shall not engage themselves in conversation with other invigilator while the examination is going on and also shall not read magazine or newspaper by sitting at a place.

12. The invigilator should ensure that, there is no communication among candidates in the examination hall.     The violations of instructions by any candidate shall be brought to the notice of the ACE/COE immediately and a written report is to be made regarding such cases.

13. After the expiry of the time of the examination, when the final bell is given, the invigilator shall collect the answer papers and shall arrange seat number wise and hand them over to the ACE along with other reports.

14. The invigilator shall be personally held responsible for loss, misplacement of any answer book.

15. While taking rounds of the examination hall, if the invigilator notices any candidate indulging in copying or possessing a manuscript or answer papers other than that of the candidate, any written material on calculator/geometry box / scale / parts of the body, he/she shall immediately take in his / her possession the candidate’s answer book, question paper and the materials which he/she has used for copying and immediately report to the ACE. The invigilator should not allow the candidate to leave the examination hall till the ACE comes to the examination hall and takes over the charge.

16. Any dereliction to duties on the part of the invigilator as observed by the ACE will be recorded by the ACE and reported to the COE based on which the CS initiates the necessary disciplinary action. Whenever the members of designated flying squad make a surprise visit, the invigilator shall ensure their identity and allow to enter the examination hall for surprise check. The invigilator shall not leave the College premises until he/she personally hands over the answer books to the ACE and return the other stationery materials to the ACE at the control room. The invigilator shall on demand, attend the meeting in case of malpractice is found in the respective block by any of the authorities assisting in conduction of the examination.