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Faculty Development Program
Faculty Development Program was arranged on ‘Effective Teaching Learning Strategies in Technical Education – A Practical Approach’ on 4th August, 2012 on the campus. Dr.Y.V.S.S.V.Prasada Rao, Dean, K.L.University is the resource person of the program.
Dr. Prasada Rao said that the professors ought to teach students with absolute command over subject by creating eagerness and interest. They should remember that they are nurturing the forthcoming generations of great India. The teaching community needs to know the contemporary, modern and advanced professional teaching methods and approaches and styles. He said that it is the great responsibility of the teacher to know the internal strengths, talents and hidden potentials of the students and provide opportunities for their careers, then only as a teacher, we could feel satisfaction and completeness of this dignified job. He strongly insisted on the students to avail themselves the knowledge of soft skills, so that they go from the institute with a job offer. This will be the grand contentment for the students, parents, staff and the management. The name and fame of the college will reach far and wide, Dr. Rao said.
Finally he encouraged the staff towards time management, dedication, keenness and enthusiasm to achieve the best results. Dr. Prasada Rao thanked the management for calling him as the resource person. About 100 faculty members participated in this Faculty Development Program.
Executive Directors Sri Tammana Sai Kumar and Sri Dosapati Baba, management committee members Sri Gudivada Panduranga Rao and Sri Gudivada.Meher Prasad, in charge Principal Dr. H.N.Raja Kumara and the faculty members were present at the Faculty Development Program.

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