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Kiosk for Rural India Agriculture
Development (K-RIAD)
K.K.Phaneendra [08MQ1A0546]
Ch.Durga Mohan [08MQ1A0535]
K.Anil Kumar [08MQ1A0539]
E.Anish [08MQ1A0536]
E-RAITHU M.Baby Susmitha [08MQ1A1213]
S.Sai Sri Divya [08MQ1A1226]
K.Naga Namratha [08MQ1A1210]
S.Saranya [08MQ1A1223]
P.Ganga Bhavani [08MQ1A1219]
Money to ATM (MTA) T.Radha Pradhyumna [08MQ1A0525]
S.Pujitha [08MQ1A0520]
T.Sujana [08MQ1A0524]
M.Sai Asha [08MQ1A0514]
Danger Apps for Windows Phone7 B.N.V.Srinivasa Kumar [08MQ1A1236]
P.Siva Bala Vinod [09MQ5A1201]
E.Naga Babu [08MQ1A1242]
B.U.VManikanta [08MQ1A1232]
Scheduling of SMS in Windows Phone7 B.B.K.Jagadish [08MQ1A0532]
K.Sasank [08MQ1A0548]
P.Praveen [08MQ1A0557]
R.Venkateswara Rao [08MQ1A0558]

1. Title of the Project : Kiosk for Rural India Agriculture Development (K-RIAD)

Abstract : The information concerning to different areas of agriculture already do exist on the websites. Even for an educated person, it is a time consuming task to obtain or search for required information. Now we can imagine how the situation of a farmer would be.

Now a day’s children were unable to know which crop is seasonal, and they even don’t know how to plant and take care of it. So in the upcoming years, the government is trying to introduce awareness programs and lessons to the school children.

The video clippings, images do not provide complete information say from sowing of the seeds to the marketing of the grain. Each and every child in the world wants to be an engineer or a doctor or to be in any other profession. Especially in our country such kind of decision making is more, but ours is an agricultural country and nobody is showing interest to this field. Only the older people know about the fields and how to cultivate them.

In order to get the present status in the market, we need to go to the market itself and know information which would be a time consuming task. But even then, the farmer is unable to get the complete and correct information. For the farmer to get fertilizers, he need to search each and every shop for it, but by providing the information in the web, he can go to the specified shop and can get the fertilizers with ease. There are number of fertilizers available in the present day’s market. All of them are not good, so correct fertilizer to a certain crop is to be suggested to the farmer, so that he may not take the chances of losing the crop. Same in the case of pesticides, feticides etc; they should contain good and non-harmful chemical to the human beings and to the fruits. It should kill the pests and insects and should not be a reason to stop crops growth.

Farmers are not professionals to know how to operate the keyboard. So as our system is touch screen, it is provided with many icons and images which are very attractive. So by seeing the images user can understand the content regarding that. So by placing these types of systems in the government offices, many people can use it, just like a touch screen systems (kiosks) available in the railway stations and ATM centers.

The main motive of this project is placing the information related to various areas of agriculture helpful for the farmers on the kiosk system. So they can know the information within fraction of seconds by interacting with the kiosk system. It also includes the following information,

About the information related to the required crop; Seeds, Which are to be used ;Fertilizers ,type of fertilizers to be taken, depending on the condition of the crop; type of Precautions to be taken ; Time required to cultivate; Market price; How to cultivate the crop; A simple video ,which shows the total procedure for cultivation, Aqua & poultry info; Irrigation & weather forecasts ;General Info related to government policies, subsidies etc; an online video chat with experts is also included; This system gives a clear description about the required information with the images and videos.

2. Title of the Project : E-RAITHU Farmer to e-Farmer

Abstract: E-RAITHU project helps farmer in security aspects. In general we see so many threats to farmers land, paddy and water. With E-RAITHU , whenever this type of events happens, we can give an error alert to farmer.

i. Any one enters into the field:

         The sensor detects the person, and webcams captures the persons photo. Immediately an alert is send to the farmer’s cell phone. The cell phone displays the captured photo at the same time it will produce some beep sound.

ii. Protection to paddy:

         We will kept some sensors and webcams around paddy. If anyone touches paddy ,
An mms will goes to farmers cell phone.

iii. keep track of water level:

         We will adjust minimum and maximum water levels to paddy, in the sensor. If the water level is below the minimum level or above the maximum level, an sms will be send to farmers cell phone.

3. Title of the Project : Money to ATM (MTA)

Abstract: Now a days, we are aware of the ATM which make the task of money withdraw more flexible.But,to deposit money into a bank account, we have some traditional methods like the manual procedure of deposit in a bank and a modern method of e-banking(online money transfer).The former one is time consuming and the latter requires a minimum knowledge of net banking. Most of the people in general and those in rural areas in particular are well aware of using ATMs.So,Why can’t we deposit the money also in ATM?

The answer is yes and here is the model named ATM–D.The goal of this project is to construct a simulation model to deposit money to an account in ATM itself.

4. Title of the Project : Danger Apps for Windows Phone7

Abstract: Now a day’s people are facing many problems during road accident s, vehicles journey. When he/she was in a danger during the vehicle journey(accidents, technical problems), by sending a message to the nearer police station, fire station, hospitals and etc through his/her mobile phone by using GPS.

This application is only used in GPS included mobile phones. In this GPS application we are already stored the total information of the hospitals, police stations, fire stations and etc. when he/she was faced any problem then they are pressing a single button to send information to the police station, fire station, hospitals and etc.

Not only in vehicles. If a person is in dangerous situation , by using this, they can intimate to their parents, nearer police station, hospitals and etc.

5. Title of the Project : Scheduling of SMS in Windows Phone7

Abstract: Remotely providing security when the user is away from the place one of the important features implemented in this project. The system used is SMS based wireless technology to revolutionize the standards of living. This system provides ideal solution to the problems faced by home owners in daily life. The system is wireless therefore more adaptable and cost-effective. The home appliance controlling system provides security against intrusion as well as automates various home appliances using SMS. The system uses GSM technology thus providing ubiquitous access to the system for security and automated appliance control.

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