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Microsoft Innovation Center


Innovation is the new Mantra. The term innovation comes from the Latin innovare meaning “To make something new”. Modern day understanding is that innovation is a process of turning ideas into new opportunities for value creation and of putting these into widely used practice. Understanding innovation requires multiple perspectives from culture and mindset, social and commercial context, and new ways of working. Innovation is a journey drawing on insights from around the globe is essential to accelerate our progress. Innovation centers have enormously breeding grounds for new product ideas.


Sri Vasavi Institute of Engineering & Technology initiated to establish Innovation Center with the growing awareness of The need to innovate to stay relevant. SVIET started an innovation center named as MICROSOFT I-SPARK CENTER. The center is inaugurated by Mr. Phani Kondepudi, The Lead, Academic Access & Alliance Program, Microsoft on 22-10-2011. He expressed that the focus of the center will be on creating new innovative products and services, formation of new and viable IT start-ups. He wished that center will supply of qualified graduates and create new and value-added jobs. He also wished this center acts as a bridge between the institute and the outside world, serving as an ideation center for innovation.

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