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1. A One Day Seminar on Cloud Computing, Azure and Windows Phone 7 ( 6th Feb 2012):

A one day seminar session had conducted at Sri vasavi institute of Engineering and Technology, Nandamuru under MIC (Microsoft I-Spark Center), this Seminar had delivered by Microsoft Senior Executive head Sri. Ramesh Chandak. Where he had arrived the college at 9.00 a.m. the seminar had started at around 9.30 a.m. and it is continued up to 1.00 p.m.

With in this seminar he explained that “Microsoft had considered India as the second largest marketing country for their products among the world because in India we have more talent and other main reason is most of the Microsoft products are using in India only. Microsoft has three branches in India among them Hyderabad is main and the other two are at Bangalore and New Delhi.” He gave some wonderful tips regarding the interview process for the students. He told that Students should be as there self and they should not act too smart. Before attending for any interview they should know something about that company and most important thing is whenever the interviewer ask “Do you have any questions?”

Students should feel free to ask questions. Later he explained about the Cloud Computing and there live examples there usage and its importance in the present trends. He explained about Windows Azure which is a cloud operating system. For the development of applications for Windows Azure we don’t need any special training on new courses these will have same dot net, java, php like tools can be used to develop applications for Azure. Finally he explained about Windows phone development, mobile phone usage and importance, present trends in mobile phone era.

After the Seminar session he had interacted with the students and students had asked some questions related to cloud computing and windows phone7 app development. Later he visited the Microsoft I-Spark Center and there he interacted with the final year CSE and IT students about their innovative projects like K-RIAD, MTA (Money to Atm), E-Raitu, Danger Apps which will be carried under MIC. He had clearly listened about all these projects and he made some valuable suggestions regarding the development of these projects.

He was very much impressed by seeing the Windows Phone7 apps developed by the final year students like touch and match, 50-50 Its my game, Mind cracker, ABC tutorial, Tic-Tac-Toe… etc and he encouraged the students to develop more and more apps.

Finally he told that he was very much impressed by the effort put by students like you in the remote villages like Nandamuru, he didn’t expect that this type of work will be done by the students, he appreciated the college management and he congratulated the MIC Co-coordinator T.V.Subrahmanyam for their efforts and Vision.

2. A Two Days Hands-On Workshop on Microsoft Technologies (24th & 25th Feb 2012):

"A Two Days Hands-On Workshop on Microsoft Technologies" is being conducted for the III year CSE students in SVIET on 24th and 25th Feb 2012 organized by MIC (Microsoft I-Spark Center). This program is being moderated by Deepak Bhardwaj, Amit Kumar Gupta and Majhi Babu Gajula from Microsoft. The main aim of this program is to sow a project seed in the minds of III year CSE students using new technologies of Microsoft. So, that they can know how to give a real model views to their innovative ideas .

First Day (24th Feb 2012):

As a part of First day program that is on 24th Feb 2012 Deepak and Amit conducted a workshop on “SQL Server and Dot Net”. They interacted with students and they felt that students are very much eager to learn new technologies like SQL server and DotNet. In the whole session students are very interactive with Deepak and Amit. All this session is with full of live examples.

At first, in the morning session they had given an introduction to DotNet framework and DotNet features like CLR, common data specification, CTS, etc and the importance of developing a project using DotNet. They tested the students knowledge of grasping by posing some questions and they felt the students are utilizing the session very well and there grasping is excellent. Later they had given basics of C# programming and explained live programming examples to the students. After this session they had given some programming tasks and they felt that students are very good in problem solving.

In the afternoon session they explained about the Database and its importance in the applications and the basics of SQL server and its importance related to the DotNet.

Finally they had visited MIC and appreciated the innovative projects being carried out by the students and at the same time they paid interest to know about the windows phone 7 apps developed by the students. At last the college management felicitated them with memento as a token of gratitude.

Second day (25th Feb 2012):

On the second day, in the morning session Majhi Babu Gajula has delivered his demonstration on Windows Phone 7 application development. In that session he explained about the revolution of windows phone 7 in this global world. He gave a brief overview on the new exciting features of windows phone 7. The students are very interested to know the app development in new technology like windows phone 7. Later a sample application development demo was delivered by Babu and students felt quite easy to develop an app for windows phone 7.

In the afternoon session the final year students demonstrated a few windows phone 7 applications and their development process which are certified by Microsoft and published in the windows phone 7 market place.

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