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Mechanical Engineering

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Welcome to the Department Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering is one of the core and oldest branch of Engineering. This branch has strong impact on Economy of the country in terms of Industrial growth. As India is a developing nation, the requirement of Mechanical Engineers increasing day after day. Keeping these points in view, the SVIET has started Mechanical Engineering branch in the year 2010 with an intake of 60. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is well equipped with bloodline of the department and ensure high quality education to the students. The state-of-the-art Laboratories and the dedicated faculty with iron-resolve, address the cognitive capacities as well as practical hands on workshop experience of students in fulfilling the ever more pressing needs of the Industries.

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1. Mr. P. Ajay Kumar HOD & Associate Professor
2. Mr. K. Sreenivasulu Associate Professor
3. Mr. B. Suresh Babu Associate Professor
4. Mr. V. Vijaya bhaskar Associate Professor
5. Mr. K. B. V. Satya Prakash Senior Assistant Professor
6. Mr. P. Satyanarayana Assistant Professor
7. Mr. K. Giri babu Assistant Professor
8. Mr. A. Rahul Kumar Assistant Professor
9. Mr. R. Giridhar Assistant Professor
10. Mr. P. N. S. Srinivas Assistant Professor
11. Mr. D. Anil Kumar Assistant Professor
12. Mr. K. Basavayya Assistant Professor
13. Ms. Ch. L. Mrudula Lecturer
14. Ms. T. Divya Assistant Professor
15. Mr. G. E. V. Ratna Kumar Assistant Professor
16. Mr . B. Phani Shankar Lab Technician
17. Mr. K. Venkateswararao Lab Technician
18. Mr. J. Sivaji Sharma Lab Technician
19. Mr. B. Narendra Kumar Lab Technician
20. Mr. Sayed Ibrahim Lab Technician
21. Mr. T. Ravi Kumar Junior Assistant



S.No. Equipment Name Capacity & Range
1 Single Stage Centrifugal Pump 18.37 lps
2 Multi Stage Centrifugal Pump 8.52 lps
3 Reciprocating Pump 8.52 lps
4 Pipe Friction H=6-28m, 0.72lps
5 Francis Turbine Power Generated PO = 1.5 KW
6 Impact of JET on Vanes 1.8 lps, V=15 m/S
7 Venturi and Orifice Meter Q = 0.67 lps, H=10m
8 Turbine Flow Meter Q = 0.67 lps, H=10m
9 Bernoulli’s Apparatus H=6-28m, 0.9lps
10 Triangular Notch H=6-28m, 0.9lps


S.No. Equipment Name Capacity & Range
1 Universal Testing Machine 400 KN
2 Torsion Testing Machine 60 N – M
3 Spring Testing Machine 5000 N
4 Hardness Testing Machine 2500N
5 Impact Testing Machine 300 J
6 Muffle furnace 1000oC
7 Specimen Mounting Press 3 Ton
8 Jomeny end quenching Apparatus 240lph;ID122.5mm
9 Dry and Wet Linisher 900mmX100mm
10 Double Disc Polishing machine 210mm, 8”
11 Binocular microscope Co-axial & Lieca Optics


S.No. Equipment Name Capacity & Range
1 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine 3.7KW, 1500RPM
2 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine (Retardation) 6KW, 660RPM
3 Cut Section Of 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine 5HP, 1500RPM
4 Air Compressor 12Kg/cm2
5 Variable Compression ratio Petrol Engine 2.2kw, 3000RPM
6 2-Stroke Single Cylinder Petrol Engine --


S.No. Equipment Name
1 Lathe machine with belt drives
2 Lathe Machine with gear drives
3 Milling Machine
4 Shaping Machine
5 Sloting Machine
6 Surface Grinding Machine
7 Radial Drilling Machine


S.No. Equipment Name
1 Fitting Shop
2 Carpentry Shop
3 House Wiring Shop
4 Sheet Metal Shop
5 Welding Shop
6 Blacksmithy Shop
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