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Students of IInd, Third and Final Year Students are required to select one of the Topics from the List or they can come up with their own topic on Latest or Future Technology and present a Seminar for Minimum of 15 Minutes.

Robotics General Topics Nano Topics
Fluids Thermo Dynamics I C Engine
Classification of Fluids Power Plants Gas Turbine
Fulid Properties Solar System Bio Plants
Gas & its Applications Solar Cars Mechanical Engineers
Surface tensia Machine Vision Magler Trains
Plastics Advanced Materials Jatropa Plant
Anka Rajue Cooling Systems Solar Energy Utilizations Solar Energy Applications
Refrigeration system A/C Robotics Nano Technology
Automatic Transmission Four Wheel Steering Mechanism Alternate Fuels
Noise control System Welding Energy Wind Energy
Steering System Thermal Power Plant Acars and their applications
Acars and their uses Operating of opposite piston Disc break
Nano ZC Engine Hydrolic Elevators Hydrgen Fuel Cells
Mechanics of Osilating Robots Digital Smell
Intelligent Cars Hybrid Vehicles
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