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Students of IInd, Third and Final Year Students are required to select one of the Topics from the List or they can come up with their own topic on Latest or Future Technology and present a Seminar for Minimum of 15 Minutes.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles-Vehicle to Grid Technology. Analysis of Harmonics in Three phases Voltage Source inverter. Rail Guns
Fuzzy control of Alternator Micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) Power generating Shoes.
The next generation of Wireless Performance. Mobile monitoring of underground cable systems. Recent Advances in Power system Protection.
Poly Fuses. Applications of SCADA in Power systems. The Electromagnetic Bomb”-a Weapon of Electrical mass destruction.
Energy ervesting from Trees. Flowting wind generator Ultrasonic Motors.
Solar Power Satellites Ocean Thermal Energy conversion. Pongamai oil- the future fuel
Hydrogen Energy and Fuel cells Solar Electricity. Self Powered Rotating Building.
A Hybrid Wind Solar Energy System Finger Print ACES Robot. Power Quality improvement.
Power generation using fuel cells Wireless Power Transmission Via Solar Power Satellites. Lunar energy Harnessing Tidal Power.
Safety precautions and Assessments for Crashes involving Electric vehicles. Flying without wings driving without wheels. Future Power generation by Bloom energy, speed breakers, Kite wind Generator.
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