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Electrical & Electronics Engineering

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Welcome to the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. It is an exciting and dynamic field. Electrical engineers are responsible for the generation, transfer and conversion of electrical power. These sought-after engineers can look forward to a rewarding and respected career.

The Department of EEE was started in 2008 and the first batch of students is rearing to go in full swing in pursuit of their goal to become Engineers who will contribute immensely to the society.

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1. Mr. D. Mohan Reddy HOD, Associate Professor
2. Mr. B. Jyothilal Nayak Associate Professor
3. Mr. K. Surya Suresh Assistant Professor
4. Ms. V Gopilatha Assistant Professor
5. Mr. D Adithya Kumar Assistant Professor
6. Mrs. K. Lalitha Assistant Professor
7. Mr. G. Venkatesh Assistant Professor
8. Mr. D. Sunder Singh Assistant Professor
9. Mr. P. Hemanth Kumar Assistant Professor
10. Mr. A. Arif Assistant Professor
11. Ms. M. Siva Naveena Teaching Assistant
12. Ms. B. Mallika Lab Technician
13. Mrs. T. V. N. Adilakshmi Junior Assistant



Equipment Name Range
Function Generators 20 MHZ
Multi Meters 3 ½ Digit
RPS 0-40 V
Decked Resistance Boxes 0-1 mohm
Decked Induction Boxes 10 Micro Henry to 900 MH
Decked Capacitance Boxes 100 Pico Farad to 9 MF
Ammeters(MC) Digital 0-200 mA
Voltmeters(MC) Digital 0-200 mV
Carbon Resistors ------
Bread Boards ------


Equipment Name Range
Control Panel 16 way 440 V
Rectifier Unit 100 A, 440 V
DC Shunt Motor & Gen set Motor: 5 hp; Gen:3KW
DC Shunt Motor 5 HP
DC Motor Coupled Alternator Set Motor: 5 hp; Alt: 3KVA
3 Phase Squirrel Case Induction Motor 5 HP
1 Phase Transformers 230 V, 10 A
3 Phase Auto Transformers 415 V/15 A
1 Phase Auto Transformer 280 V/ 15 A
Carbon Resistors ------
Bread Boards ------
Control Panel 16 way 440 V
Rectifier Unit 100 A,440 V
DC Shunt Motor & Gen set Motor : 5 hp< br />Gen : 3 KW
DC Shunt Motor 5 HP
DC Motor Coupled Alternator Set Motor : 5 HP
Alt : 3 KVA
3 Phase Squirrel Case Induction Motor 5 HP
1 Phase Transformers 230 V,10 A
3 Phase Auto Transformer 415 V/ 15 A
Series Identical Machines 3 KW, 5 HP
Shunt Motor Coupled to Series Generator 3 KW, 5 HP
Shunt Motor Coupled to Compound Generator 3 KW, 5 HP
DC Shunt Identical Machines 3 KW,5 HP
DC Compound Motor With Break Drum 3 HP
3 Phase Synchronous Motor With Break Drum 5 HP,6.2 A
1 Phase 2 HP Induction Motor With Break drum Arrangement 1.5 KW / 2 HP
3 Phase Alternator Coupled to DC Shunt Motor 3 KVA,5 HP


S.No. Equipment Name
1 Synchro Transmitter and Reciever Kit
2 PLC Trainer Kit
3 Effect of Feedback on DC Motor(Position Control)
4 Transfer Function of Armature Controlled DC Motor
5 Effect of P,PI,PID Controller
6 Study of LEAD LAG Compensation Network
7 Magnetic Amplifier Kit
8 AC Servo Motor Kit
9 Temperature Control Using PID Controller Kit
10 Determination of Second Order System Specifications


S.No. Equipment Name
1 Study of Characteristics of SCR,MOSFET & IGBT Module
2 Gate Firing Circuits for SCR's Module
3 Single Phase AC Voltage Controller Module
4 Single Phase Half Controlled Bridge Converter Module
5 Single Phase Fully Controlled Bridge Converter Module
6 Forced Commutation Circuits(Class A,B,C,D & E) Module
7 DC Jones Chopper Module
8 Single Phase Parallel Inverter Module
9 Single Phase Cycloconverter Module
10 Single Phase Series Inverter Module
11 Single Phase Dual Converter Module
12 Three Phase Half Controlled Converter Module
13 Single Phase Transformers(0-220v)
14 Rheostats (360 / 1.2 A)
15 Inductance(0-150)mH
16 CRO (30 MHz)
17 RPS (0-30 V)


S.No. Equipment Name
1 Single Phase energy Meter (230V,5A)
2 Portable KELVIN's Double Bridge Module
3 Anderson's Bridge Module
4 Linear Variable Differential Transformer
5 Strain Gauge Module
6 D.C Crompton Potentio Meter Module
7 Load Choke Coils(4MH,5A)
8 Single Phase Energy Meter
9 Single Phase Power Factor Meter
10 Phase Shifting Transformer
11 Three Phase Reactive Load
12 Schering Bridge Module
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