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Welcome to SVIET Website!

Congratulations to you on your decision to surf the pages of our website in your quest for excellence.

Your journey through the portal will introduce you to the people, the place, the system, the values it cherishes and the role SVIET plays in the world of Engineering education.

Our journey in the right direction is on – not to walk on the beaten track but to chalk out new avenues and create fresh vistas, not to follow but to be the leader in the Engineering education with a focus on academic excellence, personal values and social concern.

James D Geasse stated, “ The function of any educational institution is to turn the students up(recruiting), sort them out(admission), shape them up(teaching), shake them up(examination) and pass them on(graduation and placement) ”.

What we require today is educational leadership. Learning is the only treasure that accompanies its owner everywhere. We feel that the real art of management is to attract, retain and motivate individuals, recognizing their intrinsic differences and life styles in the process of achieving their set goals.

On any given day, an educated man needs to be a man with certain qualities - qualities and values that make him calm and serene in adversity, happy even in solitude and just and rational in his dealings related to his analysis of men and matters.

It is my pleasure to invite you to this campus which is abundantly endowed by the aesthetic appeal of the nature in its full form, and sufficiently enriched with our values, vision and vitality.

I am sure it will be a pleasant, informative and memorable experience exploring the treasures for your self.

I invite you to our website to have an educative, interesting and productive journey.


Sri Gudivada Ramachandra Rao

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