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Workshops Conducted:

• Organized a 3 Day Hands-On Workshop on “ANDROID Application Development”, from 31-07-2014 to 02-08- 2014 by Sri Sujith Majety, Tech Lead, Wision Labs, Hyderabad.

• Organized a 2 Day Hands-On Workshop on “Windows AZURE” from 05-03-2014 to 06-03-2014by Ms P.Sindhura and Ms Mounika Pailla from Microsoft India, Hyderabad.

• Organized a 2-day Hands-On Workshop on “WINDOW PHONE-8”, by Ajay Kumar Margani, Nitin Pandey & Koushik Batacharya, Microsoft India, Hyderabad from 15-03-2013 to 16-03-2013.

• Organized a Workshop on “WINDOW AZURE”, by Sri M. Ravi Kiran & Sri V. Narasimha, Microsoft India, Hyderabad, on 23-02-2013.

• Organized a Two Days Hands-On Workshop on “Microsoft Technologies”, is being moderated by Deepak Bhardwaj, Amit Kumar Gupta and Majhi Babu Gajula from Microsoft India, Hyderabad, from 24-05-2012 to 25-05-2012.

• Organized 3 Week Workshop on VB.Net and HTML for 2nd year students of CSE&IT from 03-05-2010 to 22-05-2010.

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