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Projects being carried out by Fourth Year students

1.Analysis and Design of Self Supporting Steel Chimney Subjected To Wind Load
2.Design of Bus Parking Layout In Sviet
3.Design of Low Volume Flexible Pavement
4.Design and Analysis of Multi Storey Building Using STADDPRO
5.Plotting of Sviet Layout Area by Using Total Station
6.An Experimental Investigation on Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement With Fly ash and Saw Dust Ash
7.An Experimental Study on Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement with Metakaolin, Coarse Aggregate with Recycled Coarse Aggregate and Fine Aggregate with Glass Powder
8.An Experimental Study on Concrete by Replacing Fine Aggregates with Brick Bats Powder
9.Effect of Using Marble Waste, Robo Sand as Partial Replacements in Coarse,Fine Aggregates for Admixtured, and Fibre Reinforced Concrete
10Partial Replacement of Cement with Sugar Cane Baggase, Stone Dust and Rice Husk Ash
11.Durability Studies on Concrete with Slag as Partial Replacement to Fine Aggregate
12.An Investigation on Studying The Cracks on Structural Building of Sviet Campus
13.Design, Analysis And Estimation of Library Building In Sviet
14.Design And Analysis of Shear Wall In Multi Storey Building
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