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The Department has well equipped laboratories. The labs are provided with necessary equipments as per the JNTU syllabus.

Microprocessor & Microcontrollers Lab :

S.No. Equipment Name
1 8086 ESA Kits
2 8051 Kits
3 PS-2 Key Boards
4 Interfacing Kits
5 Interfacing Cards
Traffic lights
Key Board Interfacing
Peripheral Interfacing
Interval Timer Interfacing
CRT Monitor
16-Channel ADC(Analog To Digital Conversion)
Elevator Interfacing
Dual DAC(Digital To Analog Conversion)
6 Zenith Computers
Pentium Dual Core 2.8GHz/2GB DDR3/320GB HDD
7 ARM Microcontroller Trainer Kits
8 PIC Microcontroller Trainer Kits
9 Hex keyborad interfacing kits
10. Keyborad & display interface kits
11 LCD Interfacing
12 Stepper motor Interfacing
13 VLSI Trainers kits like
Nexys 4 DDR FPGA Board Basys 3 Development kit Zybo Board
14 XILINX VIVADO SYSTEM Edition(Software)-25 users
15 Mentor Graphics HEPI(Back End)-30 users
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